BGAproduct-01BGA Series

Johnstech Philippines offers a wide variety of custom BGA series solutions and contactors for semiconductors and integrated circuit boards. Our products require low maintenance and offer repeatable results and precision measurements. Click here for our current BGA contactor series.

Pad Series

JTP is the sole distributor in the Philippines of Johnstech’s patented ROL® technology—the gold standard in electrical performance testing for RF and microwave technology to 40GHz. These test contactors enjoy higher first pass yield, reliable and repeatable results, and consistent contact resistance. Click here for our current PAD contactor series.

LeadedLeaded Series

For excellent electrical performance and proven mechanical reliability for Precision Analog, Mixed signal, and RF device testing. Taking advantage of Johnstech’s ROL® technology these test contactors enjoy consistent contact resistance, less frequent cleaning, and improved OEE. Click here for our current Leaded contactor series.

Memory Module Series

Exceed the testing challenges of today’s low voltage devices. Click here for our current Memory Module contactor series.


Looking for stable, accurate test signals and the lowest CRES on the market? Well engineered, the WLCSP Series. Click here for our current WLCSP contactor series.

XTSeriesXT Series

Designed specifically for stable tri-temp testing reliability for the automotive, the XT Series test contactors are approved for temperature ranges from -65°C to +175°C. Both mechanically robust and consistent these contactors are designed for all high or low temperature testing applications. Click here for our current XT contactor series.