Johnstech XT Series

Designed specifically for stable tri-temp testing reliability for the automotive, the XT Series test contactors are approved for temperature ranges from -65°C to +175°C. Both mechanically robust and consistent these contactors are designed for all high or low temperature testing applications.

Pad ROL® 200 XT

Pad ROL® 200KR2 XT

Pad ROL® 100a XT

Pad ROL® 100a Z50 XT

Pad ROL® 100a Performance Plus XT

Leaded ROL® 200 XT

Leaded ROL® 200KR XT

Do you need help deciding which XT Series is best solution for your product? JTP offers the option to review a custom datasheet on our solution for you to see the quality in Johnstech products. Contact us for more information.